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PFW Hardware Buyer's Guide

PFW Hardware Buyer's Guide


What Processor Should I Select?

A faster processor means faster throughput. Encrypting and decrypting VPN traffic is particularly taxing on the processor. If you will be terminating VPN connections via IPSec and/or OpenVPN, we recommend selecting a faster processor or select a different PFW model with more processing power.

What Network Option Should I Select?

Some of our PFW Firewalls have a network option for LAN Bypass that we can enable or disable for you prior to shipping. If you know what LAN Bypass is and your particular application requires it, then select the LAN Bypass Enabled option  If you do not know what this is, then select the LAN Bypass Disabled option.

What Memory Option Should I Select?

General rule of thumb is 1GB of RAM for every 1 Million concurrent ongoing connections. Some third party packages such as Snort and Squid can require additional memory.  Also, VPN connections (client and server) can require additional memory so if you plan to terminate VPN connections and use these third party packages you may want to select more memory than the default or select a different PFW model with an option for more memory.

What Storage Option Should I Select?

Some of our clients install third party packages such as Snort, Squid and Squidguard that write a lot of data to the disk.  These applications, and others like it, require either a traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a Solid State Drive (SSD).  For these applications, we recommend the SSD option because they are much faster than traditional HDDs. Plus SSDs do not have any moving parts so they minimize potential heat issues, espeicially in environments with minimal air flow. For our clients who do not need these third party applications, a Compact Flash card is the most common option selected at check out. 

What Console Option Should I Select?

Most of our clients prefer a VGA console because it is the easiest to connect to and this is what we recommend that you select.  We only recommend the serial console option to our clients who are already experienced and very comfortable with connecting to devices via a serial cable and prefer to work this way.

What Expansion Options Should I Select?

The PFW800 can come with an optional LCD + PCIe Riser Card + LAN Bypass expansion option. If you require one or all of these features, then you will want to select this option.  If you are not familiar with LAN Bypass, we suggest you select the option where this LANY Bypass is disabled. Also note that if you selected the VGA console option above, the VGA card will be installed in the PCIe slot chassis opening on the back of the firewall which may conflict with your PCIe card if you plan to use one.  Our PFW1000 has a "NIC Module" expansion slot which means that you can add more network ports to the firewall including 4 or 8 GbE ports or 2 x 10GbE ports. You will want to select the option that best meets your networking requirements for your particular application.

What Mounting Option Should I Select?

If you want to rack mount the PFW400, make sure you select the rack mount kit before checking out. The PFW1000 has a long ear rack mount that will provide a sturdier mount than the standard short ears. There is a also a rack mount kit for the PFW600 and slide rail kit for the PFW800 and PFW1000. These kits are all separate products that will have to be added to the cart individually and please note that they ship in separate boxes.

What Power Supply Option Should I Select?

The PFW1000 comes with an optional dual power supply.  If you have A/B Power in your server rack and you only have one firewall, then we highly recommend selecting the dual power supply option.

What Warranty & Support Option Should I Select?

We offer a standard 1 year hardware warranty w/ premium support on all our products. Should you require a longer warranty and support period, please select the option that meets your needs. We offer up to a 4 year hardware warranty w/ premium support on all our products. Most of our clients prefer the 3 year option.

Do I Need Advanced Replacement?

If a unit is found faulty within the warranty period, you will need to ship the unit back to us for repair.  After we receive the unit, we will inspect it, repair it and then ship the unit back to you.  Since this process may take 1-3 weeks total depening on the shipping methods and location of your office, having the ability to receive a replacement unit from us before you ship the defective unit to us may be desirable to minimize any potential downtime. Note that the advanced replacement is only avaialble for 1 year and currently you will need to contact us directly for pricing.

What Shipping Method Should I Select?

Ground shipping is free for US and Canada clients.  Currently, this is the only option available at check out for US and Canada clients. If you need your firewall quickly, please contact us for priority shipping options.  If you are an International customer, you will have two USPS options at check out. The express option will decrease the time it takes for you to receive your firewall. If you are an International customer and require priority shipping via FedEx please cotact us for priority shipping options.

When Shouuld I Expect To Receive My Order?

From the time of your purchase, it will take us 3-10 days to process and ship out your order. This is because we custom build all of our units and we test them prior to shipping. Our lower end end models typically ship quicker as they have less configuration options and parts. Bulk oders may take longer depending on our stock levels at the time. US and Canada customers who select free shipping will recieve the unit in 3 to 7 days after the unit has been shipped. International customers who select the USPS option will recieve the unit in 10 to 17 days after the unit has been shipped. The delay in international shipping times is because of a two ship process we use to keep shipping costs down. If you require faster shipping or if you would like to schedule a pickup using your own shipping carrier, please contact us directly to arrange for such options.


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